Conference Leaders

Arturo Hermann is a Senior research fellow (Primo ricercatore) in economics at the Italian National Institute of Statistics (Istat), Rome, Italy. In his main research fields — Sustainable and Equitable Development, Institutional and Keynesian Economics, Political Economy, also considered in their relations with psychology and psychoanalysis — he has authored 8 books (two edited) and over 10 book chapters with top notch publishers (Elgar, Routledge, World Economics Association (WEA) Books, and over 40 articles in scholarly Journals. He is working on a number of sustainable economics issues also related to the UN Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, with particular attention to the policies that can speed its application. He is a lecturer at the UNESCO Chair in “Economic Systems and Human Rights” at the National University of La Plata. He is the scientific director of the Journal Il Pensiero Economico Moderno, member of the Advisory Board of the International Journal of Pluralism and Economics Education, and member of the Editorial Board of International Journal of Green Economics, The Review of Economics and Economic Methodology, Studi Economici e Sociali and Nuova Economia e Storia. He
was for several years in the Management Committee of the Association for Heterodox Economics and regularly participate in the Conferences and activities of various economics associations.

Maria Alejandra Madi holds a PhD in Economics (1993, UNICAMP) and PhD in Philosophy (2022, PUC-SP). Her academic career includes a long-term professorship at UNICAMP (Brazil, 1983-2012) and visiting professorships at the University of Manitoba (Canada, 2008) and at the University of Kassel (Germany, 2011), in addition to a position as Avocational Lecturer at Steinbes University Berlin (2013-2015) and FIA Business School (2018-2021). She is currently visiting Professor at the Green Economics Institute (UK). She is also Chair of the World Economics Association (UK) Online Conferences Programme, Editor of the WEA Books Conference Series and founding editor of the WEA Pedagogy Blog ( Besides having published research papers and book reviews in international journals, she co-edited some of The Green Economics Institute (UK) books, including The Greening of Global Finance and Values, Valuation and Valuing. She also co-edited some of the World Economics Association (UK) books: The Economics Curriculum: towards a radical reformulation, Ideas towards a new international financial architecture? and Capital and Justice. Her latest authored books include Small Business in Brazil: competitive global challenges and Pluralist Readings in Economics: key-concepts and policy-tools for the 21st century; Private equity globalisation: ethical business challenges and The Dark Side of Nudges. Her latest co-authored book is Introducing a New Economics: Pluralist, Sustainable and Progressive. Among other activities, she is member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Pluralism and Economics Education and of the International Journal of Green Economics. In addition to her overall research interest in sustainability and the financial challenges of globalisation, her investigations include the ontology and the epistemology of economics within the wider context of philosophy of science.